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We help everyday people build the foundations of physical development

Giving them the freedom to move, feel and perform better through strength and mobility methods that improve quality of life, while reducing pain and injury associated with modern-day lifestyles.






Simply put, what we do is much different to what you would expect at an average gym

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"You will learn how to re-teach your body the movements it was originally designed to do, how to compensate for those postures that modern society is forcing you to hold and how just little changes can be beneficial to your body in the long run. Prevention is the best medicine!"

— Giulia Alzona, School Teacher



"No matter your age or level of fitness anyone can benefit from Shoshin Movement. Personally I have regained mobility and strength that I thought was lost forever. In fact I now feel physically more like a 40 something year old than someone approaching 70."

— Joe Napoli, Retiree



"If you want to learn what real strength is and how your body needs to move correctly, this is the place to do it."

— Brett Roneberg, Dual Olympian & Silver Medalist (Baseball)


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