Our classes offer premium group training like no other in Cairns

Using a dynamic approach towards improving the way you move, feel and perform

We help you build a foundation to develop new skills, strengths and flexibility - always striving for an emphasis on movement quality before quantity, while still getting the intensity needed for a sweaty workout.

Suitable for all ages, levels of skill and ability

Each class is scaled to accommodate you based on your strengths, weaknesses and if any previous injuries are present

Classes also change their focus and emphasis in 4-6 week blocks. This means that we keep our curriculum ever-changing to ensure a wide range of movement development.


Progressive Movement

Develop your strength, stability and conditioning to become the best version of yourself through Gymnastics and barbell strength training

Bamboo Mobility

Bend, but don’t break βˆ’ Create a supple yet resilient body with a dynamic approach to flexibility, joint mobility, stability and (p)rehab



Improve your handstand and inversion skills by building the strength, balance, flexibility and endurance needed to get you confident with being upside down


Monkey Movement

Bring out your kids inner monkey with a mixture of Gymnastics strength, handbalance, flexibility and (most importantly) play!

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