Move, feel and perform better - from abroad

There is no real substitute for feedback from an experienced coach, who is standing by your side to evaluate and correct your form as you go through your workout.

Sometimes, this just isn't available for people. Therefore, online coaching becomes the next best option for those who want quality coaching from abroad.

Whether you want to build bodyweight strength, learn or improve your handstand, increase your flexibility or squat heavier weight - our online training platform will build your foundation from the ground up.

How does it work?

1. Questionnaire and Initial Consultation

Firstly, we find out more about you.

We get you to fill out our initial consultation questionnaire to find out more about you, your goals, training history, training availability and (if any) previous injuries or issues.

We then schedule a phone call to chat further about your goals and training availability.

Once we’ve gotten to know each other, we get you to send us a short video to screen and assess your strengths, weaknesses, abilities and movement quality. This is based around fundamental strength and flexibility movements.

Based on your goals and the screening video, we get started on your program.

2. Your Individualised Training Program

You don’t just become another client in a long list of cookie-cutter programs.

We only ever work with 5 clients at a time to ensure that we can give you the attention you need.

You’ll be working directly with our head coach David D’Amore, who carefully designs each program with detail, from scratch. Your program will be accessible via our mobile-friendly online platform.

We understand that not everyone can train every day. Some people have other commitments, such as families, hobbies or work schedules and may be restricted to training only a few days a week. That’s cool, we can work around it.

Alongside your training program, you’ll also get access to our Clean Eating Guide. We offer nutritional guidance (optional) to modify your diet and improve your health and performance to get you to your goals faster.

3. We Support You Each and Every Step of the Way

While some online coaches will only reach out to you when it’s time for your next payment - with us, you will have full support.

Our online platform gives you unlimited chat support from us, where you submit videos to get clear and detailed form analysis. We help to correct your technique and keep you progressing.

We also offer a monthly phone consultation to check in with you and make sure that everything is going well.

Want to see what it looks like?

Click the button below to view a demo of our Online Coaching Platform. The password is demo123

If you’d like to take the next step towards your goals, get in touch via our Contact page.