If you’re looking to move and feel better, you’ve come to the right place!

Firstly, we’d like to let you know that this is for EVERY BODY.

It doesn’t matter what level of skill, strength or flexibility you have. We tailor our classes to make sure that you are challenged with appropriate progressions to suit YOUR level.

We will teach you how to safely develop your strength and flexibility from the ground up − the same way that we’ve helped lots of people from different walks of life in successfully achieving amazing goals.

Best of all, our tribe is welcoming and beginner-friendly, so you’ll fit right in!

Foundations Program

Joining our studio starts with our 4 Week Foundations Program.

During the 4 weeks, we teach you how to properly perform the fundamental movements in our curriculum, through semi-private coaching sessions that are detailed, educational and focus on getting you ready to join our normal classes.

We only take on 3 participants at one time, so spots are limited per 4 week intake.

Once you have completed our Foundations program and learned how to master the basics, you are welcome to join our normal classes to begin your journey to improving your strength, skills and flexibility.

What's Included?

☑ 3x weekly 3-on-1 semi-private coaching sessions to learn how to move your body properly with a strict emphasis on correct technique and quality movement

☑ Unlimited access to our Bamboo Mobility classes to increase your flexibility, reduce aches and pains and improve your posture

☑ Orthopedic Movement Assessment to identify any movement limitations or asymmetries that may be holding you back

☑ Our Clean Eating guide + recipes to get you on track with your nutrition

☑ Get stronger and fitter while learning Gymnastics skills and barbell strength movements

☑ Have a blast while learning the handstand with safe and controlled progressions

☑ Take control of your body with ground-based crawling patterns and locomotive movements

☑ Capped class sizes for quality coaching in our air conditioned studio for your comfort

Ready to make a move?

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