Do you know someone who...

  • Wants to focus on moving better, rather than just monotonous cardio workouts?

  • Wants to work on a specific skill, strength or flexibility?

  • Might be suffering from pain and/or injury?

  • Loves a challenge with their training and likes to work hard for results?

  • Has tried different gyms and hasn’t found a solution to their training goals?

  • Wants to try a different type of training that is progressive and beginner-friendly?

If you answered YES to any of the above, refer them to us and we’ll reward you both!

Put in your friend’s contact details below, and we’ll send them an offer for 7 days of FREE classes.

If they sign up for a membership (Unlimited Movement, Casual Movement or 10 Class Pass), we’ll reward you with a free week of membership (or 2 extra sessions added to your 10 Class Pass).

Talk about a win-win!

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