Who We Are

David D’Amore

Owner & Program Director
Progressive Movement, Handbalance & Bamboo Mobility classes

David has extensive knowledge and over 10 years of experience in different areas of physical development, operating gyms and working in the fitness industry.

Over this time, Shoshin Movement has become an extension of David and his training ethic and philosophy, where he has compiled and developed a system of methods that align with his vision to improve everyday people’s quality of life through better movement.

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Favourite quote:
”Repetition is the mother of skill”
– Tony Robbins


Hannah Singleton

Co-owner, Administration and Event Planning
Monkey Movement classes

Hannah is a primary school teacher and runs our kids Gymnastics curriculum, where she brings a wealth of knowledge in the fundamental movement skills and development of children.

Also being David’s partner in both life and business, Hannah aids in the administration side of Shoshin Movement.

Favourite quote:
”Find what brings you joy and go there”
– Jan Phillips

Annika Klein

Progressive Movement classes

A long time student of David's, Annika made the transition to teacher in 2018.

Prior to training with David Annika trained in Powerlifting and Judo. Currently she is on her own journey to conquer handbancing, though not an easy task to do while also juggling family and work!

Annika takes great satisfaction in helping ordinary people achieve physical feats they never thought they were capable of.

Favourite quote:
"Go for it now. The future is promised to no one"
– Wayne Dyer


Justin Whitehead

Progressive Movement classes

Justin has been part of the Shoshin Movement team since the very first day we opened our doors in 2014.

His day job involves working with Search and Rescue, dealing with people in distress and who have lost their way.

Being a trainer at Shoshin Movement is equally as satisfying as he gets to help people navigate towards being healthier, happier, stronger and injury free.

Favourite quote:
“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”
– Henry Ford


Rosa Lawler

Progressive Movement & Bamboo Mobility classes

Rosa has been part of the Shoshin crew since 2014, and its inception has led her to officially enter the fitness industry.

She has recently completed her Certificate III in Fitness, and feels that there's no better place to further expand on her knowledge and skills than being mentored by David.

Rosa has also trained Capoeira and is still in love with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu even after 10 years. Her Brazilian blood has nothing to do with it!

Favourite quote:
”An inch of a movement is better than a mile of intention”
– Steve Maraboli


Will Stormont

Progressive Movement classes

Will has completed a Cert III in Fitness and is currently studying Certificate IV in Fitness while being an intern at Shoshin Movement.

Since a young age, he has been exploring the world of health and movement, and has incorporated it into his everyday life.

Will has experienced many forms of activities such as:

  • Serving four years in the military

  • Many Miles for Mary, a three day multi marathon charity run from Cairns to Townsville

  • A five day trek into the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, as part of the Mountain Adventure Skills Training program

Will’s experiences have solidified the importance and possibilities of health and fitness and how they resonate with the Shoshin Philosophy.

Favourite quote:
”Restrict your body, restrict your mind”
– Unknown


Rossi Postler

Yoga Practitioner
Yoga classes

Rossi is an advanced Yoga practitioner who has completed 4 levels and over 500 hours of teacher training under Nicky Knoff.

She brings a wealth of knowledge to our Yoga classes in the topics of asana, pranayama, meditation, methodology, philosophy, ethics, anatomy and physiology. 

Rossi brings positive energy and smiles all round to Shoshin Movement 😄

Favourite quote:
“We spend our whole life wondering what is in it for us, only to find out, that what we bring to the world is what really counts”
– Unknown

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