"Shoshin Movement is the place where you will learn how to re-teach your body the movements it was originally designed to do, how to compensate for those postures that modern society is forcing you to hold and how just little changes can be beneficial to your body in the long run. Prevention is the best medicine!"

— Giulia Alzona, School Teacher



"If you want to learn what real strength is and how your body needs to move correctly, this is the place to do it."

— Brett Roneberg, Dual Olympian & Silver Medalist (Baseball)



“I work as a Physio, so I am pretty picky about technique and movement. I appreciate Dave's excellent knowledge of human movement, progression into various movements, focus on form and his ability to educate his students on how individual techniques fit into the big picture of movement.”

— Jo Sanderson, Physiotherapist



"I had always seen myself as a non-athletic person, who was just hopeless in all sports and physical training. Just the thought of entering a gym intimidated me, but stepping out of my comfort zone and into Shoshin was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I've surprised myself every time by not being hopeless at all, and by making steady progress and achieving goals I thought were way out of my reach. I've learned a lot about strength, mobility, flexibility, human body and myself. Every session offers something new and different, and it's never boring. I've learned new skills and found muscles I didn't know existed, and I've honestly enjoyed every moment! It's great too see your own progress and feel the sense of achievement.

The people at Shoshin are lovely and very welcoming, and the atmosphere is friendly and supportive. Training is scaled to all levels and Dave is there to always make sure you do your movements correctly and safely. I highly recommend Shoshin Movement to anyone who wants to move better and feel better. Just come and play, it's fun!"

— Annina Strengell, Mother of Two



"Amazing place to train - really gives you a greater understanding of your own body and how it reacts and performs in movements differing from the daily norms. Can't commend this gym enough!"

— Brendan Vaughan, Mixed Martial Arts Athlete



"Last year I was lucky enough to come across Dave's teaching, discipline and his understanding of the human body. I would say with what I have learned here I will be able to enjoy moving my body well into my 40s, 50s, and even till my 80s... I feel lucky that Shoshin and I crossed paths!"

— Agnieszka "AJ", Police Officer



“No matter your age or level of fitness anyone can benefit from Shoshin Movement. Personally I have regained mobility and strength that I thought was lost forever. In fact I now feel physically more like a 40 something year old than someone approaching 70. I can highly recommended to anyone who values good health and mobility.“

— Joe Napoli, Retiree



"Problems I had for years I now no longer have. Two years on I look forward to attending all classes and still continue to improve in every area of fitness.With Shoshin Movement, I had found exactly what I wanted, exactly what I needed and now I will never look back."

— Sally Ratliff, Business Owner